William Orbit On Britney Jean 2.0: Good Idea!

“Britney Jean” needs some good ol’ fashioned CPR. It’ slid nearly 40 spots on the Billboard 200 last week and is hanging by a thread no thanks to “Perfume’s” underwhelming reaction in pop music.

How bouts a “Britney Jean 2.0” to coincide with a new leg of Brit’s Vegas residency – change the setlist, add new music, routines, costumes and blast out a couple singles internationally! Sounds expensive.

Perhaps something is in the woodworks. Check out this recent-ish Tweet from “Alien” producer William Orbit.

Finley Quaye & William Orbit – Dice from darko on Vimeo.

Orbit recently expressed his distaste towards the editing of the “Britney Jean” intro track, so it’s no surprise to see he wants another shot.