William Orbit Continues Defending Britney's "Alien" Vocal Controversy

William Orbit isn’t quite satisfied with his initial message about Britney’s “Alien” vocals leaking, so he penned another. The first go around, Orbit says Brit Brit sounded pitchy because she was warming up, but he forgot to detail the songwriting aspect of things – so he wrote a lengthy essay explaining it.

Grab a cup of coffee and read (I bolded the interesting parts. You’re welcome):

File under ‘SONGWRITING’.
For those of you that are still awake!

I’ve read all of your comments here on Facebook. Most interesting. I did have to give up answering them about half way down, thinking it better to just make this last post. And the time does fly.

There seem to be two main schools of thought. With the Britney lovers coming out well on top I’m pleased to say! A noticeable thing is that the language of those who take issue with me, who are down on Britney, gets quite ‘troll-like’. Not in all cases, but the ones with swear-words and insults stick out because they seem so out of place in a conversation about pop music.

I never thought that this debate would be quite so heated. After I post this I’m going to find a few clips of puppies on YouTube to lighten the moment and then get back into the studio and write some more music. A song about digging a hole lol!

But I did leave something important out of that last post. The one that ended up all over the place. It’s the SONGWRITING aspect.

I emphasised the ‘warm-up’ thing, but forgot to include the fact that with songwriting today, many of us do it in a studio recording environment. The autotune goes on, the monitors get turned up, the lights are turned down, and the hunt for great melodies and lyrics takes center stage. Bugger the intrinsic pitching. Who cares? Just a shame that someone put it out there. Like, as if they posted duff takes from a movie. Or scans of scrunched-up sheets from the wastepaper basket under a writer’s desk? Or photos of the rind-bits left over from a chef’s finest a bolognese .

A compilation of sneaky recordings from writing sessions with all the top 10 artists would be a cacophony of droning and groaning!

I’m not a ‘spin machine’ (that very thought has me chuckling) and I’ve have never in my entire life accepted any money for endorsing something or expressing a view. But for the record I should state that I’m anybody’s if there’s chocolate on offer.

I was accused of being angry by one commentator. A commentator funnily enough who used lots of angry looking caps. I could almost hear the steam hissing from their ears.

I could never get angry about pop music. Or any music I could get angry about the growing inequality gap, The SCOTUS interference in women’s rights to their own bodies, the fact that some people actually deride science these days, the fact that nurses don’t get paid properly, LGBT rights, animal rights. And so on.

But music? It’s a blessing. You cannot be angry with a blessing.

Autotune has always been a hot-button topic. Not as much as the issue of photoshopping in the fashion press. But more than say, the use of CGI, looping and stunt doubles in the movies.

The photoshopping thing is a real issue, as it must chip away the self-image of many people who do not feel secure about their body type. It’s so sad to see children becoming obsessed with their appearance, when they could be just having fun enjoying who they are, zits, pudge and all!

Regardless of the fun and games that we have with studio production, the main thing to keep in mind with Ms Spears is that tens of millions (hundreds of millions?) of people enjoy the music. That’s pretty much the be-all and end-all of it. And charisma is charisma. No software ever invented can manufacture that.

I’d love to be able to say that after conducting extensive empirical research and a fair amount of emotional resonance tabulation, I’ve come to the conclusion that Ms Spears is actually 26,967.847689% more awesome than I previously quantified. But no, it’s all about the feeling. Feeling good and getting into a musical high. It works for me!

Back to the commentiverse. The word ‘con’ has come up a few times, but it seems to me to be completely inappropriate. So many things that we trust are misrepresented to us in order for somebody to gouge a few more pennies. Often with harmful results. But music is a different universe. Nobody has ever been harmed by a Britney Spears record, unless a stack of them fell onto a CD factory worker.

You know what yore getting With the internet you never have to buy an album (those that still but them, bless you sweeties!) without first having heard it.

I think he needs to stop digging. Just let it be, bb. Let it be.