William Orbit: Britney Recorded One Of My Songs Already

William Orbit briefly mentioned working with Britney on her new album in a new radio interview with the BBC this week.

He says:

“We’re just in very early stages just writing, so you never know. None of them may make it to the record, but they are pretty good. I shouldn’t really say it, cause the Britney Army is gonna be out there getting clues and asking me things and I should be honest with everybody… We’re just writing stuff, she’s heard a couple of stuff, I think she cut one yesterday but that’s all I know.”

(@ 16:20)

Orbit recently told fans via Facebook he’s looking excited to continue his work with Britney.

“So much to look forward to after that. Including some great songs with Britney. One I can think of is just really what everybody wants. A sure hit. And from the heart. She’s recording vocals next week.”

Getting in on the action with Orbit is British singer/song-writer, Charli XCX, who revealed to fans she’s been in on a few sessions.

Orbit’s also come to Britney’s defense in the recent weeks, saying Britney’s never needed autotune.

Great to hear such nice things from him, and hopefully he continues revealing tidbits before the Queen shushes him again!

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