“Britney Jean” deserved a third single, and it probably should have been the William Orbit-produced track, “Alien.”

Yes, the phantom third single is the new “Rebellion,” and Orbit knows it. He feels Britney wasn’t given the attention she deserves, and has one of the most unique voices in the music industry.

He tells HungerTV in a new interview:

“For some reasons, nobody can really understand these things; she just has that special ‘thing’. If you listen to the remix of Alien I recently uploaded, it’s more indie pop and I did it for fun but hey, listen to that voice! It’s special. I wish I had the chance to do what I can do for her, she deserves to be given a chance.”

William Orbit: Britney Deserves To Be Given A Chance

“My specialty with artists is to make it seem like we’re not working. I try to let me understand that if I’m smiling, it means I’m happy with what we’ve just recorded; it means they touched my soul. When artists unconsciously bring this out, I’m the happiest man in the world. I’m slow to make a record, you probably wouldn’t hire me if you had to have something done by tomorrow but when it comes to be in the studio and recording vocals, everything runs quickly and  it’s  fun. I know what I  want technically and what I can work on later, so there is no point for the artist to do it over and over. I’m not talking about auto-tune but rather about spontaneity; that something great and special.”

Could “Britney Jean” get revived? Or is it time to move on and wait several years for the next installment in the Britney Spears saga? Leave a comment in Exhale and let us know what you think!