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If you haven’t had enough of Katy Perry, you’re in luck.

Earlier this summer, Katy Perry subjected herself to a Big Brother-style live stream for 96-hour straight. It produced some seriously honest, zany moments of the pop star, and Katy Kats will get to relive it when she releases her new documentary, Katy Perry: Will You Be My Witness?.

“Everyone will get to witness all of me,” Perry says in the preview. “Not just the glam me. The good, the bad, the ugly.”

If every single second of Perry’s weekend was streamed on YouTube, what’s left for us to see? Don’t worry. The doc will feature behind-the-scenes footage and highlight moments you may have missed (unless you’re a vampire).

In the last week, Lady Gaga released her documentary to Netflix titled Five Foot Two. Soon after, Demi Lovato announced hers streaming straight to YouTube titled Simply Complicated and then there’s a rumored one from Rihanna.

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