Will she risk her fortune for Kevin Federline?

July 22, 2004 By Jordan Miller

The San Francisco Examiner has reported (sans sourcing) that Britney, after winning her mother’s tentative approval of fiancé Kevin Federline, is now threatening to stop speaking with her.

According to the Examiner, Lynne Spears, despite sounding supportive in magazines like “People” and “Us,” is furious over Britney’s insistence that there’s no need to bother with a pre-nuptial agreement with Kevin (a pre-nuptial agreement would limit the amount of money Mr. Federline can seek in the event the couple separate or divorce).

Britney is supposedly becoming rather furious herself. Without it, since California is a “community property” state, Mr. Federline, in the event of divorce, can claim fifty percent of Britney’s income from the time they marry until their divorce becomes final. It certainly appears that the love between Britney and Kevin is real. However, even with a prenuptial agreement and in the event something goes wrong with the marriage, Mr. Federline would still end up with millions.

Britney, it’s very sweet of you to completely trust Kevin and assume you two will stay married forever. Nonetheless, people are only human. Better listen to Mom on this one.

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