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Madonna takes to Instagram to promote something other than her own inability to fully grasp social media.

Madonna’s Instagram game has been extraordinarily strong for the past year, transitioning from Queen of bathroom selfies to shameless hashtag abuser and then racially-problematic meme creator. The superstar’s total inability to use the platform as it was intended (which seems to be for self-indulgent gym selfies and filtered photos of food, if my Insta-feed is to be believed) is nothing short of amazing/hysterical.

So imagine our surprise to awake this Monday morn to what appears to be actual “Living For Love” promo on this #unapologeticbitch’s Instagram.

Check it out below:

Putting my foot down! #livingforlove

Una foto publicada por Madonna (@madonna) el

Captioned “Putting my foot down! #livingforlove” we can only assume that this grainy snap of an editing screen is from the forthcoming visual for first single “Living for Love” – still objectively amazing incase anyone was looking for an update. We can tell very little (read: absolutely nothing) from the image, other than the fact that Madonna will be wearing footwear, so if that’s your thing (ew) then you’re in luck. There also appears to be a ******* man clad only in braces, which is no doubt a ploy to appease Madonna’s large Southern Baptist following and in no way for the gays.

It’s all shaping up nicely and, according to Oseary, we should be expecting the full visual early next month (presumably to get us all excited for the Grammy performance) but let’s face it, this is Madonna so thirty hours of footage from the shoot will probably leak online within the next week.

What are YOU hoping for from the “Living for Love” video?