Awe yeah.

“Scream & Shout” continues to move up on US iTunes, currently coming in at #4.

Will.I.Am Tweeted kind words about Britney to followers, encouraging them to get the song to the top slot:

Let’s get me and [email protected] new song #screamANDshout to #1 on itunes… #bringTHEaction

Working with @britneyspears changed my life…I’ve had the blessings of having my life changed 6times..#iWANNAscreamANDshout #bringTHEaction

I’ve done amazing things with dreams, ideas & execution of my group [email protected], but this collab with @britneyspears is rebirth #screamANDshout

You bet fans’ll turn this **** up after its music video debut on The X Factor on Wednesday. Wait for it!

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