Will.I.Am: "Work *****"Doesn't Reflect Album 8's Sound

Britney’s “Work *****” single lands at number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 thanks to the music video directed by Ben Mor, but this fierce anthem doesn’t echo the rest of the upcoming album, Will.I.Am tells Billboard.

“That song is a reflection of Britney moreso than the album,” Will.i.am told Billboard on Thursday morning (Oct. 10) after helping to announce the American Music Award nominations in New York. “The album is what the album is, but we felt that song needed to come out to keep the foundation on what Britney represents. But it shouldn’t reflect the album — an album is a body of work as a collective. If we had to pick a song like, ‘Oh, what song fits every color of the record,’ you shouldn’t do that… We felt that song represents ‘Piece of Me,’ that Britney oomph.”

Billboard acknowledges the track hasn’t burned up the charts like some of her past lead singles have. Will.I.Am is aware of The Army’s overall reaction to the song, and hopes to continue challenging her creatively and explore new avenues for her music.

“You can’t always be dictated by what the fan base demands, because it means that the artist probably won’t grow,” says Will.i.am. “You have to have one foot in ‘I want to honor the fan base,’ and then the other foot in ‘Let’s see this potential where we can go.’ And hopefully, the fans — if we mind the chatter — will accept and appreciate where we ended up.”