Listen to a teaser of Pia Mia’s new song (hint: sounds like everything off #willpower).


A clip of Will.I.Am’s collaboration with Pia Mia surfaced ahead of schedule, and yes, it does sound like everything on #willpower.

Will.I.Am is gearing up for his return on The Voice UK next year when the show moves to ITV after the BBC was outbid for the show at the end of 2015, which gives him a minute to put forth new music. The “Scream & Shout” rapper has remained relatively off the grid since his last studio release in 2013 minus a couple one-off singles, including a collaboration with the Black Eyed Peas (minus Fergie) on “Yesterday,” but he’s about to make a comeback.

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Pia Mia is enlisting Will on her upcoming single “Boys & Girls,” and a preview of it lands on the Internet prior to its official release. The intro features Will’s signature electronic thumping and harrowing voices before eventually stumbling into the song. If Pia Mia wanted a shot at achieving mainstream success, a song taken from Will’s leftover file wasn’t the way to go.

Listen here.

According to a Pia Mia Twitter fan account, the music video was shot in L.A. last month.

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