Britney and Will.I.Am confirmed they’ve collaborated on a new track off his upcoming album #willpower, and gave fans a few new deets on the track, including a music video for the song that Britney’ll appear in!

In reference to Brit’s new bikini photo, Will Tweeted:

@britneyspears OMG…your lookin fit & hot…can’t wait to shoot the video to our song…your fans are ganna love it…

One fan asked if the song will be out this weekend. He replied:

I’m not finished with it…I’m still putting the finishing touches on it…I’m so excited… @britneyspears part is dope…

And another asked if he likes this new song better than Big Fat Bass.

I like the new song I did with @britneyspears 900,000,000,000,000,000x’s more than BFB…and I loved BFB…#crazyfire

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