Will.I.Am hasn’t gotten the credit he deserves from Britney fans yet, and it’s time that changes.

Though he didn’t confirm (or deny) his specific role on Album 8 during his G+ Hangout chat on Tuesday, he did relay something fans wanted to hear since… ever: Britney’s next album will be more PERSONAL.

“I think me and Britney need to have conversations about life and then take the conversations together, and turn them into songs… not just like… ‘let me get a hot beat, and a hot chorus…’ I could do that all day, but how do we make it personal where it bleeds from the heart? How do we take time and care and connect? And we’ve been doing that, we’ve just been having conversations and having lunch, and meeting and having fun! And then we’ll think about music after we’ve had those bondings!… Lets just bond and do it…”

If any pop artist could have a genuinely compelling album where the music speaks for itself, it’s Britney.

Nevermind her turbulent public mishaps over five years ago, hell even 10 years ago. What about the climb to get back on top? Her recent relationship of four years that dissolved? Her newfound singledom afterwards (a solid three weeks), the constant speculation about what she’s up to, who she works with, where she goes and what she’s doing next?

Britney has this aura that gravitates millions of people into thinking they know her, but they don’t. She’s very mysterious in that sense, and it leaves the fan to their own devices, causing rumors and gossip. Her last few albums are very impersonal (besides “French fingertips, red lips, ***** is dangerous), so the fact that a very talented and successful producer/singer/song-writer is taking the reigns WITH Britney to create something intimate behind a hot beat is literally music to my ears.

Will called Brit’s fanbase “crazy,” and he’s right. It’s crazy we’re not more open to an artist that wants to encourage Britney into a direction that’s less “Up and Down” and more “Touch of My Hand.” You know what I mean? You know what I mean. We’re not THAT crazy.

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