Will.I.Am: Britney's New Album Is Fresh

Will.I.Am plans on performing with Britney at one of “Piece of Me” shows in Vegas, and spills some deets on how the recording process is going.

“I can’t wait for her Vegas shows to open. I want to go there and support, perform with her,” he tells E! News.

That’d mark their first on-stage performance together despite recording music together for several years.

Will’s undertaken the role of executive producer on the upcoming album and is extremely satisfied with its progression.

“Britney’s record is fresh. There’s a lot of personal, sultry songs, as well as grit and edge and oomph. This record, in my opinion, is going to be one of her best records.”

“This Britney record is like a piece of me, no pun intended!” will.i.am told reporters on Thursday.

“I appreciate Britney — how she is as a person, all that she’s accomplished, how down to Earth and humble she is, sweet, but at the same time fierce. She don’t play. She wants to win.”

“It’s really fresh. I’m really passionate about this Britney record,” he added. “I’m a music-aholic, so when it comes to … my appreciation for people’s passions, and when I collaborate or contribute or consult … I can’t separate myself.”

Will proved he has what it takes to create an innovative sound with the pop queen, burning up the charts with their smash, “Scream & Shout.”

“I’m really really proud of her and her dedication and how disciplined and focused she was in the studio,” he continued. “And how passionate she is to win.”