Will.I.Am, who’s streaming his full album on YouTube, appeared on Chelsea Lately this week to promote #willpower. Chelsea goes on to list Britney as one of the artists featured on the record, but throws in a little shade.

Chelsea: You have a song on there with Britney… why did she speak in a British accent in the song? It’s Britney, *****. Did you tell her to do that?

Will: You do the darndest things in the studio.

Chelsea: It depends on how much medication you’re taking, let’s be serious.

Check it out out at 3:46.

Some fans are pissed because they feel it was an open opportunity for Will to defend Britney, but please remember he’s talking to Chelsea Handler and, honestly, what the hell is he supposed to say without looking like a Britard.

Only thing that’s annoying is Chelsea recently told Oprah she doesn’t pick on celebrities like Britney…

“I’ve definitely made an effort not to be as mean to some people that I know are kind of helpless… I don’t need to be mean when I’m talking about someone like Britney Spears. It’s obvious that there are other issues there. You don’t want to attack somebody. People who behave badly I will make fun of, but I’ve definitely stopped being as mean as I was because I didn’t realize how it came across… I would never do anything to hurt anybody.”

We’ll just look the other way this time.

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