While there can be no doubt that Britney Spears has managed to make a remarkable transformation since being ordered by the court to cede all financial and personal decision-making to a conservatorship run by her father, Jamie Spears. But if she wants to make the leap toward getting her independence back, the pop star is going to have to prove herself to the judge.

Brit may have a chance to do just that on Thursday, when her father and lawyers for the conservatorship are due in court to discuss, among other things, whether or not the mother of two is ready to get back some control over her life.

“It’s a lot like the last time she was in court for the custody hearings,” a case insider explains to OK!. “In that case, she had been evaluated by the court to judge her parenting skills. This time, it’s about her being able to care for herself.”

And though Brit is not legally required to be there for this latest hearing, her presence would be in her best interest. “If she wants more freedoms, she’ll be there,” says the source. “It’s highly unlikely Judge Goetz would sign off on changes to the conservatorship order without being able to look Britney in the eye.”

So will she show or won’t she? We’ll have to wait until 1:30pm PT to find out.

Source: OKmagazine.com

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