Seriously, us Britney fans live for this ****. We lovvvve to speculate, ESPECIALLY when it comes to Britney and award shows. VMA-gate anyone? Welp, here we go again!

According to, Britney just might make a surprise appearance / performance at the 2008 American Music Awards this Sunday. Apparently, there’s some ~big secret~ even host Jimmy Kimmel isn’t allowed to know.

“They have these surprises that 75 people on the crew know about, but they won’t tell the host,” Kimmel insists. “Apparently, there is some big surprise. I sent…the producer an email yesterday and he was like, ‘I can’t tell you.'”

Britney “presented an award immediately following a skit in which Kimmel throws Federline (well, a lookalike K-Fed) into a box and dumps him in the ocean. ‘She didn’t think that was funny,’ Kimmel remembers.”

“The AMAs broadcast live Sunday night from Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre. Among the scheduled performers are Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis,Taylor Swift and Kanye West.”

I’m thinking No. Just… no.

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