Will Bad Blood be the forth single from Taylor Swift's 1989? BreatheHeavy

According to always occasionally reliable KIIS FM, it will.

No one could have predicted the somewhat startling success of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’. Although Taylor didn’t exactly have a shortage of hits under her belt, or successful albums, or indeed sold-out world tours, this time a year ago the idea that Miss Swift would be objectively the biggest pop-star in the world would have been laughable.

And yet here we are. Funny thing is, this next move might be set to blow up Taylor’s spot even further – although probably for all the wrong reasons.

KIIS FM have reportedly entered ‘1989’ cut “Bad Blood” into rotation, claiming that the song is the 4th single to be lifted from Taylor’s latest LP, which has gone on to become one of the biggest selling records in recent memory.

If true – let’s continue to hold out hope that it isn’t – this is a pretty terrible move. “Bad Blood” isn’t an unlistenable song necessarily but it easily falls into the weaker half of the album and is the very definition of forgettable. In fact I’d hazard a guess that if it wasn’t for the fact that the track is supposedly the sum total of Taylor’s ‘beef’ with Katy Perry, “Bad Blood” wouldn’t even have made the record.

At any rate, “Bad Blood” certainly wouldn’t be considered single material if not for the Perry associations, which is partially why this is such a potentially catastrophic move. The main issue with the song selection is that it reeks of Team Taylor trying to capitalize on the news item that a supposed feud between two pop stars inevitably creates.

But news items don’t sell singles. Just ask Madonna (#RIPLivingForLove).

A far better choice for single #4 would undoubtedly be album highlight “How You Get The Girl”, fan favorite “All You Had To Do Was Stay”, bonus track “New Romantics” or my personal pick from the record “I Know Places”. The great thing about ‘1989’ is that it’s chock-full of potential singles – songs that feel different enough from what’s currently making the rounds to stand out, but similar enough to the pop-sphere in general that they’d pick up decent radio play.

And whilst we’re on the subject of me giving unsolicited advice, whatever the next single may be, it might not be the worst idea that Swift engage in that pesky little thing called promotion. Taylor has inexplicably spent the first three months of this year continuing to perform the already-number-1-smash “Blank Space” rather than current (and far superior) single, “Style”.

With any luck this’ll be a “genuine misunderstanding” (read: a giant mess of KIIS FM’s creation) but if it’s not… Let the fan war begin.

What do YOU think the next single from ‘1989’ should be?