Why We're Excited About The Return of Kelly Clarkson

The original doll American Idol has officially rung in her new era with her new single “Heartbeat Song,” and it’s everything.

In honor of this joyous occasion, BreatheHeavy.com brings you the top 10 reasons why we are excited about Kelly’s new album. Our girl has some may-jah hits under her belt, and a catalog of under-appreciated gems. There have been so many moments (like this), that it has been quite difficult to compile a worthy list. Without further adieu, and in no particular order…

1.) Beautiful Disaster:

“Beautiful Disaster”, taken from Kelly’s first studio album is painfully beautiful. Clarkson revealed that she was not here for the finished version, stating: “the label wanted all the production that was on it, and I just hated it. I thought it took away from the song, and so did the producer (Wilder).” Honestly, I am in love with the studio version of this song.

2.) Addicted:

Dark, so dark this one is. From Breakaway, one of the best pop albums of the last few decades, this song is brilliantly composed and executed. Comparing toxic love to drugs, demons, and misery (oh my!).

You’re a leech, sucking the life from me/ It’s like I can’t breathe, without you inside of me…

For those of us who have had toxic relationships, and the make-up *** after, this one strikes home.

3.) Impossible

“Impossible” is another dark mid-tempo gem, taken from All I Ever Wanted. I love Kelly when she is lamenting, but with that whole edge of “I’m better without you, so have fun”. Who hurt you Kelly Clarkson? Who. Hurt. You?

It’s impossible to you, not impossible for me, not impossible for me/ Can’t rise above this place/ Won’t change your mind so I pray

4.) Where Is Your Heart

One-sided relationship, party of miserable, your table is ready! Dating anyone who is insecure will have you whistling this ditty in no time. Kelly is at her best when she is spilling tea of relationships past. This song is racked with sarcasm and longing. All she wants is for your heart to bleed.

I don’t believe in the smile that you leave, when you walk away and say goodbye/ Well I don’t expect for the world to move underneath me, but for God’s sake could you try?/ I know that you’re true to me, you’re always there, you say you care… Where is your heart?… What I really want is to believe you!

5.) Save You

Another All I Ever Wanted stand-out. “Save You” is an emotional ode to the feelings one has after an asymmetrical break-up. Sometimes the only thing you can do is wish bon voyage to your significant other when things just are not working out. And that is just what Kelly is trying to convey in this song.

I can tell how much you hate this/ And deep down inside you know it’s killin’ me/ I can call, wish you well, and try to change this, but nothing I can say would change anything

6.) Cry

Okay Kelly, someone open a window, because it is getting all types of emotional up in here… This is that “let’s just put our relationship to rest in silence/ I’m gonna lie about it” song. The absolute worst part of going through a break-up is the constant reminder of it by everyone who was once on the outside. Friends of friends, co-workers, your ex’s Aunt, your old “Super”, there will be a thousand people lurking behind every corner who wish to ask you how “so-and-so” is doing. Little do they know that you two have been broken-up for three years. Emotional fallout is real…

If anyone asks, I’ll tell them we just grew apart/ What do I care if they believe me or not?/ Whenever I feel your memory is breaking my heart/ I’ll pretend I’m okay with it all…/ I’m talking’ in circles, I’m lyin’ they know it/ Why won’t this just all go away?!

7.) You Love Me

An upbeat sad song? Count me in… Ms. Kelly must have been on a dating spree; it’s like she single-handedly captured all of the ******** of a lifetime of dating in 5 albums. I mean she is a rabid Jane Austen fan, so it is clear that her music is inspired by the 19th century author’s penchant for irony and fairy tale elements.

You didn’t let me down/ You didn’t tear me apart/ You just opened my eyes, while breakin’ my heart

8.) The Day We Fell Apart

This one is a bit of a banger, welcome on anyone’s gym playlist. She’s mad, she’s feeling herself, and she is giving it all to you. It’s like “Never Again”, “My Life Would **** Without You”, & “Since You Been Gone” all got together, had a few drinks, and sang karaoke while somewhere in the background Carrie Underwood ****** up her mans’ car.

9.) Sober

Okay, so My December was the album released after the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Breakaway, so it did not fare well in the market with it’s singer/songwriter vibe. But! There was one song in particular that was everything… “Sober”. If Kelly could have bottled the essence of “Sober” and used it for this album, it would have made quite the splash. Haunting, emotional, and uplifting, “Sober” induces chills. Kelly has an affinity to comparing love to a drug (see “Addicted”), but can you blame her?

I don’t know, this could break my heart or save me…/ I could crash and burn, but maybe…/ It’s never really over, no.

10.) Let Me Down

The song opens up with a few edgy riffs, and Kelly just lets you have it off the bat. This is rock Kelly, and she does not have time. Who has time for an emotionally unstable beau?

You’re only gonna let me down, when it counts you countdown…/ As I burn, you burn out.

What are your favorite Kelly moments?