We run down the reasons why the ’90s sensations are exactly what the industry needs right now.


UK four piece All Saints confirmed today that they’ve reunited, here’s why you need to freak out, ASAP.

Retro-R&B is so en vogue right now that All Saints couldn’t have picked a better moment to stage a comeback. After hinting around at a reunion for almost three years, All Saints have finally got back into the studio. Why should you care? Let’s let three of their biggest hits speak for themselves.

Never Ever

Originally marketed as the anti-Spice Girls, All Saints have always been a picture of sophistication – when they weren’t publicly brawling with each other of course. Their seminal track, “Never Ever,” is a melodic exploration of heartbreak and the song – which was a throwback, even in the ’90s – is a fantastic example of their ability to tug at the heartstrings like no other.

Lady Marmalade

Best known in the millennial generation for it’s make-over courtesy of Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya and Lil’ Kim, “Lady Marmalade” was a smash for All Saints back in 1998. Rather than a straight forward cover, the girls re-imagined the soul classic into a hip, R&B jam which dominated across the pond back in the late ’90s.

Pure Shores

Produced by “Ray of Light” co-creator William Orbit, “Pure Shores” remains one of the best songs of the ’00s. Between the typically Orbit instrumental, the girls’ smooth vocals and the infectious hook, “Pure Shores” is exactly what we need from All Saints in 2016.

A girl band so well-loved but often overlooked in pop history, All Saints are in the perfect position for a climactic comeback in 2016. Now if they can only keep their much publicized feuds under wraps, the renaissance of All Saints might finally be upon us.

Favorite All Saints track?