Last week, Britney’s manager Howard Grossman was mysteriously fired. Well now we know why. According to TMZ: “Lawyers for the conservators accused business manager Howard Grossman of ignoring their ground rules. One lawyer wrote in a declaration that she told Grossman “he was not permitted to give Britney any money, credit cards or access to money or credit cards or to meet with her … at the Beverly Hills Hotel or anywhere else.

The lawyer claims Grossman defied the order by meeting Brit at the Bev Hills Hotel last week. The lawyer, Jeryll Cohen, is pissed off because Grossman also directed Bev Hills Mercedes to deliver one of Britney’s cars to the hotel without first getting the conservators’ permission. Cohen says Grossman’s excuse was that “he wanted to build her [Brit’s] confidence in him.”

You may view the court documents HERE.

And in other news, Sam Lutfi allegedly demanded money from Britney according to TMZ: In a declaration filed in the Brit conservatorship case, a lawyer for the conservators accused Sam Lutfi of demanding money from Britney.

Attorney Jeryll Cohen wrote, “During the telephone conversation, Mr. Grossman [Brit’s business manager] told me that he had numerous e-mails from Osama (Sam) Lutfi in which Mr. Lutfi made various demands, including demands for money. Mr. Grossman told me he did not comply with Mr. Lutfi’s demands.”

Cohen and the other lawyers have asked the court commissioner to let the conservators fire Mr. Grossman, in part because they say he has refused to provide copies of Lutfi’s e-mails to them.”

Will it ever end???

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