Who's Performing at This Year's BRIT Awards?

The BRITs are coming up, should we be excited by the list of performers?

The BRITs. Like the music industry’s second child that they say they love just as much as older over-achiever – the Grammys – but they’re not quite as interested in helping with their homework…

Okay, that metaphor kind of got away from me; the point is the BRITs aren’t as exciting as the Grammys, but the British ceremony takes place two weeks after the American award show and they’ve announced some of the performers.

And it’s looking like a reasonably solid showing, check it out below:

Performances from Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith have already been announced (I didn’t realise either, it’s okay) but today we found out Paloma Faith, George Ezra and Royal Blood will be joining them.

As always with the BRIT awards, it’s a mixed bag. The first lot of performances are semi-exciting: no matter what you think of his music, Ed Sheeran is outstanding live and Taylor always gives good face at award shows. (I don’t like Sam Smith, I never will, don’t send me hate mail, kthanx.)

The second lot are arguably less inspiring. I’m not here for George Ezra or Royal Blood, but Paloma Faith usually puts on a good show, as with her (unintentionally) hysterical performance during the 2011 BRITs. She popped up on the hood of a car, for absolutely no good reason, dressed as Cruella De Vil on acid at Halloween to join Cee Lo Green for a performance of his 2010 smash “Forget You” seeming, well, let’s just say very happy to be there (read: absolutely hammered.)

If hilarity like that isn’t a good enough reason to tune into the BRITs on the 25th of February then I don’t know what is.

Rumours are floating about that there’s one more big performance to announce and naturally people are thinking it could be Madonna. Madge has only performed at the BRITs once, in 1995 for the sole performance of relentlessly under-appreciated “Bedtime Story” so it’d be a major coup for the awards show if they have landed her. I’m not convinced though… two televised performances from M in one month? For context, that would be one more televised performance than she’s done at all since 2007. But Guy Oseary has promised a more robust promotional campaign for “Rebel Heart” than we saw for 2012’s “MDNA” so we’ll see.

Another diva being floated about is a performer from last year, namely Beyoncé, which would make very little sense since she’s not actually promoting anything right now. Apart from contributing to the ‘Fifty Shades…’ soundtrack and blessing Michelle with a way to stay somewhat relevant, Queen B’s been off the radar. Still, rumours that Beyoncé’s going to pull another… well, another Beyoncé, are always afoot although I think it’ll be a while before we hear new music from the Queen of tease.

But then, who knows? With no official word from the team over at the BRITs we don’t even know if there is another performer at all. If there is, my vote is for whatever the f*!? Britney’s been doing in the dance studio all week. One Brit for another, it’d be perfect.

Who do YOU want to see at the BRITs next month?