Who will replace Britney? – Er No one

January 16, 2005 By Jordan Miller

At 23, and with the release of her Greatest Hits , Britney Spears is already a has-been. For most fans, Britney’s life is much more entertaining than her actual music. With her marriage to backup dancer Kevin Federline, she has decided to take a show-biz break while she settles into married life.

Britney’s position of pop-princess is up for grabs and many newcomers are already vying for the place reserved for Britney’s cigarette-smoking, virginity-losing, matrimonial antics. The girl who inherits the Teen Diva mantle should have enough potential drama in her future to provide both the quantity and quality of gossip fodder we’ve come to expect from Britney.

The main contenders are already in the spotlight. There’s Ashlee , 20, and her big sis and fellow MTV reality gal, Jessica Simpson , 24. Lindsay, 18, and her arch nemesis, Hilary Duff , 17 and the dark horse, British soul singer Joss Stone , 17. Here, we evaluate each young lady using a Britney – based system. thanks britneyglamour.com

Source – Indiatimes.com