Hey Shannon Funk, you sucked as a friend, as an assistant, and now as a person. These pictures were taken by her. Dumb *****.

Britney rocks a one piece with Matt Encinias, a dude that wants his 5 minutes of fame. Here’s what this loser said to Us Weekly / The Sun:

Britney Spears romped in a pool with a complete stranger just hours after her music video meltdown. The pictures in today’s Sun Newspaper show the crazed singer pawing at student Mike Encinias soon after sobbing uncontrollably at the shoot for her new single. Onlookers watched in shock as Brit – who divorced Kevin Federline days later – stripped at a hotel pool.

Brit swigged from a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and downed Mojito cocktails before flashing her breasts and playing a game of truth or dare. American Mike kept his trunks on as straggly-haired Brit – who had a 1999 hit with Crazy – groped him. Mike was an extra on the video shoot and says she later tried to seduce him in her hotel suite – while wearing nothing but a pair of pink pants.

He said: “I went in and found Britney lying on the bed with her knees up and just a pair of pink ******* on. “She was looking like she was ready – and I wanted to finalise it.” Britney and Mike had been passionately kissing in the pool of downtown LA’s Standard Hotel just a few hours earlier. The singer had pulled the plug on the pole-dancing shoot for Give Me More after breaking down and sending the crew home. Britney’s assistant hand-picked Mike and a group of male pals to go to her hotel for drinks by the pool.

Mike explained: “Britney was drinking Mojitos and she’d been drinking some Jack Daniel’s. “Suddenly she shocked everyone by just stripping out of her top. She went into the pool ******* – her ***** were exposed and she had a drink in her hand and a hat on with sunglasses.”

Mike says he kissed Britney after her assistant told him the singer wanted to “make out” with him.

He said: “She straddled me and put her legs around me. When I started kissing her I did everything in my power – from my previous experience of kissing girls – not to mess it up. Britney had more drinks – she was having Jack and more Mojitos in between me feeling her up, her *****, and kissing her on her neck. Her body was very nice. It was sexual and sensual kissing. It took some effort to perfect. She is a great kisser – I’d actually say a phenomenal kisser.”

Mike was invited back to Britney’s suite once the party was over at 4am. He was planning to spend the rest of the night in her bed — until one of his friends collapsed and nearly drowned from all the booze he had downed. Britney’s bodyguards stepped in and ordered Mike to take his mate home.

Mike added: “In the end we had to say our goodbyes.”

Who Can She Trust?

Source: The sun

These pictures aren’t even bad… The tabloids are running with it though… It’s a sad sad world when you can trust virtually nobody. He’s almost as bad as Jason Alexander… almost.

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