Before you hear Make Me, put on a private show to these tunes.


Private Show got us feeling all bluesy, so BH put together a playlist.

Britney’s sultry new anthem Private Show is a departure from her usual sound, evoking the smooth R&B/pop vibes with a hint of old school.

We went back over recent music history and pulled together some standout tracks with similar vibes, to really get you in the zone.

The Weeknd – Earned It:

This song and the next are likely to be the biggest inspirations for Private Show. Incorporating lounge vibes with modern R&B – and the Weeknd’s Jackson-esque vocals – was a stroke of genius that made Fifty Shades Of Grey a litle more bearable.

Meghan Trainor and John Legend – Like I’m Gonna Lose You:

Meghan Trainor’s doo-wop vocals with John Legend’s syrupy croons bring this ode to passion alive.

Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman

It’s been quite a while since a slow burning R&B jam appeared on the charts but of course vocal powerhouse Ariana Grande would be the one to bring back the lost 80s/90s style. Is there anything she can’t do?

Christina Aguilera – Nasty Naughty Boy

Cast your minds back to 2006, ten years ago, when Christina Aguilera was one of the biggest pop stars in the world. She fascinated fans as she went full throwback, styling herself like a modern Marilyn Monroe and reinventing her entire sound around vintage pop. This saucy lapdance anthem could work quite well mashed with Britney’s Private Show – for old time rivals sake!

Beyonce – Ego

Originally, Beyonce’s update of Crazy In Love was going to be here but since we’ve covered Fifty Shades soundtrack already, we instead decided to go with a lesser known – but no less appreciated – Sasha Fierce era track instead. Ego holds nothing back, except maybe Beyonce vocally, who is out to prove nothing with her cool, calm, collected display of carnal lust and unbridled affection for the man she loves and everything he’s capable of. The dance based video is one of Bey’s best performance pieces, too.

Taylor Swift – Blank Space 1940s Reimagining

While Blank Space is already an undeniable hit, this 1940s version that appeared online last year seemed to ignite the song beyond anything the modern day production of the original could muster. The phrasing seems to fit the 40s era perfectly, there is no noticable attempt to make the song fit the time period…it just works. The concept of speed dating in your 20s transcends time, apparently.

Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson – Valerie

It wouldn’t be a throwback playlist without the Queen herself. The late, great Amy Winehouse took us all back to a different time, even if we’d never been there before.

Duffy – Mercy

Britney experimented with a Duffy cover in 2009 and sounded amazing. While Duffy never quite became the next Winehouse, her small contribution to throwback pop remains beloved and it’s easy to see why. This song is effortlessly timeless.

Britney Spears – Mystic Man

Private Show ain’t the first time Brit has tried her hand at a more bluesy sound!

What songs would you add to a Private Show playlist?