Where She Got The British Accent From

September 17, 2008 By Jordan Miller

I have a big announcement! BreatheHeavy is changing from a fansite about Britney, to a site dedicated to the lovely and talented Lilian Portell – Britney’s British great-grandmother on her mom’s side. Without this diva we wouldn’t have our precious Britney to worship. OK I don’t worship her, unless you count that collage made of Britney’s gum in the back of my closet worshipping. The Daily Mail has freakishly obtained these photos of Britney’s ancestors, and describes Lilian as an English wartime Jitterbug dancer.

Miss Woolmore, 80, who last visited the Spears family in 1991, explained that she had no recent contact with the pop star but admitted she was sad to hear about her recent problems.

She said: ‘She had a lot of talent you could see that even when she was little. She always wanted to be the centre of attention, always dancing or singing. She did remind me of my sister Lilian – she was a real beauty as well. I was surprised when she became a huge star all over the world but she was pushed into it. Lynne was very ambitious for her. These latest problems – it is very sad. I really hope that is all behind her now.’

For more information on this HBIC, check out the source. Enjoy the pics:

Want to see what Britney will look like in 100 years? Creeeeeepy.