Where Is Britney Spears?

You know you’re a Britney fan when you shake your head at the paparazzi for following her everywhere, then wonder why the hell there’s no candids for a week. We’ve become spoiled seeing our idol nearly every day this year, far different from when her dad first took control over her legal affairs and her relationship with Jason Trawick grew more serious. Back then, we were lucky to get a glimpse. Dammit, we just want to see her buying a bouquet of flowers in sweats again!

The last time we saw undercoverney was May 20th on her way out of a dance studio rehearsing for her Vegas residency. That’s just a reminder of how many things Britney’s got going on behind-the-scenes. Remember, she’s not only gearing up for a two-year stint at Planet Hollywood, but is in the beginning stages of recording her eighth studio album.

In fact, Will.I.Am said Brit started recording last week. Funny timing the moment she begins recording she’s m.i.a.? I think not.

Hold onto your Starbucks and vanilla candles, ladies and gents. Though the tide’s a little quiet now, it’s only because the storm is-a comin’. ARRRRRR!