Where Does Madonna Go From Here?

Both Beyonce and Madonna dropped surprise albums in the last year, changing the music industry in unforeseen ways. A similarity they don’t share is how their body of work landed on your iPod.

Though Madonna isn’t actively promoting her music, she hasn’t gone anywhere. The Queen of Pop is the wealthiest recording artist of all time because of her long-standing impact in pop culture and music – we are fascinated with her eras, looks, statements, personal life, her outlook. But what happens to the most famous woman on the planet when years of hard work behind-the-scenes is shared in a nano-second across the vastness of the Internet?

How could this happen to an artist of her caliber?

It’s shocking someone as powerful and influential as Madonna could experience a mistake so problematic this far into the game. She’s changed with the times ever since her career began. Madonna’s seen first-hand how the music industry’s grown (or shrunk… depending on your outlook) and the vulnerability an artist faces because of the digital age. 20 years ago, your plumbing leaked, not your album. Madonna needn’t worry if the song she recorded in her cone bra would wind up in millions of fans’ cassette players. When she decided to release her work, she could.

There was no medium for freely distributing music.

The bottom line for why her music leaked ahead of schedule is Madonna and her team of producers, record execs, handlers, whoever… were careless. Dare I say: too trusting?

I mentioned Beyonce because she is living proof an entire album (with corresponding music videos, mind you) can remain a secret/surprise.


Where Does Madonna Go From Here?

What leaked anyway?

Two songs from “Iconic”/”Unapologetic *****” (both rumored album titles) found their way online on Thanksgiving (Nov. 27) called “Wash All Over Me” and “Rebel Heart.” The Avicii-produced mid-tempos set the Internet ablaze because, OMG! NEW MADONNA MUSIC!

Millennials are no stranger to leaks. However, quite bizarre to hear a musician’s work so far ahead of its album’s release date, which in Madonna’s case, is months away.

Madonna reacted to the leak by smashing an iPod (after returning from her visit with the impoverished in Malawi) with the caption:

This broken ipod is a symbol of my broken heart! That my music has been stolen and leaked! I have been violated as a human and an artist! #fuckedupshit

Imagine what **** she ****** up after another 11 songs trickled, erm, catapulted online this week.

1. Unapologetic *****
2. ***** I’m Madonna
3. Addicted (The One That Got Away)
4. Borrowed Time
5. Heartbreak City
6. Illuminati
7. Joan Of Arc
8. Living 4 Love (Carry On)
9. Make The Devil Pray
10. Messiah
11. Revolution

Looking back, it’s no surprise a good chunk of Madonna’s recent work hit prematurely. The two songs that leaked initially were probably sold or traded unground (well-connected sources trade music artists have no idea is out of their control quite often. Like Britney Spears’ “Blackout” album, trust) for two different songs, and so on and so forth. It takes the music getting into the hands of that one rabid fan, music lover, cruel intentioned ******* or D.) all of the above before they’re uploading to Sharebeast and in your ears free of charge.

Madonna said after this week’s devastation:

This is artistic ****!! These are early leaked demo’s half of which wont even make it on my album the other half have changed and evolved. This is a form of terrorism. Wtf!!!! Why do people want to destroy artistic process??? Why steal? Why not give me the opportunity to finish and give you my very best?

Equating the destruction of her musical endeavors to **** is very Madonna. And a form of terrorism? Nice touch. Dramatic, but valid.

Where Does Madonna Go From Here?

Where does she go from here?

Madonna could throw in the towel on music. Why pour your heart and soul into something that has the potential to create a world of heartbreaking chaos for you?

Because she’s an unapologetic *****.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, there’s only one option left: carry on.

Not all is lost! There are many more “confirmed” tracks Madonna’s recorded for her upcoming album, like “Autotune Baby,” “Unapologetic *****” with Nicki Minaj, “Hot Tight,” “Borrowed Time,” “Art of Freedom,” “Holy Water,” “Trust No *****,” “Score” “Eye Wide Open,” “Iconic,” “Inside Out,” “Body Shop,” “Two Steps Behind,” “Veni Vedi Vici and “S.E.X.”

You get the point.

I understand Madonna’s anger, but take the opportunity to fine-tune a few of the leaked bangers (“***** I’m Madonna,” “Illuminati” and “Revolution” should make the cut), add a handful more that haven’t surfaced and record new ones. Take the anguish from said artistic **** trauma and create new art.

There’s no immediate recourse for Madonna aside from picking herself up and getting focused on what’s shaping up to be her most challenging record to date. What’s alarming is she’s set an eerie tone in the music industry where your work demands protection under lock and key… or else. We’ve now witnessed an A-list artist powerless at the hands of the consumer, and that is a scary thought for the creative.

Madonna has spoken, no, screamed: “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?”