Where Does Britney Rank In The History Of Celebrity Flameouts?
Compared with Cruise, Whitney, MJ, her career’s chances of recovery seem excellent.

By Gil Kaufman, with additional reporting by Jem Aswad

“Britney Spears is certainly not the first celebrity to go off the rails in full view of her once-adoring public. But hers is one of the most spectacular falls from grace in recent memory, meticulously documented by paparazzi and bystanders, and uploaded instantly for the titillation of the masses.

4: A rough weekend – tacky and ill-advised, but easily surmountable.

3: A sordid chapter – a tabloid feast, distasteful but not disastrous.

2: At risk – a series of unfortunate events and decisions that require extensive career- and image-rehab.

1: Critical – career recovery unlikely.

By this measure, we give Britney a 2: It’s been a very rough two years, but if she’s able to regain her groove – a great album would be the best cure – her chances for a career revival seem strong. As for the others …

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Credit: MTV

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