We’re letting you know first.

We’re letting you know first.

How do you know you’re a die-hard Britney Jean stan? When you recognize the pop princess is wearing her legendary denim short-shorts from the “Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know” music video in a social media post. Sure, it’s bordering on creepy stalker status, but we love a lewk. 


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See what Exhale is saying about this.

Miss Brit hopped on social media to show off her hot boday and The Britney Army applauded the Queen’s flawless style choice. Kenzo is shook.

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“I think it’s impossible for me to go a day without dancing,” she wrote with a tongue face and rose emoji. No apples this time.

At the time of posting, Brit’s Boomerang was played more than 2.3 million times. A legend!

When Britney returns to Vegas next year, she seriously needs to considering including “DLMBTLTK.” Just saying. 


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I think it’s impossible for me to go a day without dancing ??

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