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When Robots Eventually Take Over The World, It Will Look Something Like Poppy And Diplo’s New Video For “Time Is Up”

Thanks to humans, it’s only a matter of time til’ our time is up.


Thanks to humans, it’s only a matter of time til’ our time is up.



Poppy is a cyborg femme fatale in her and Diplo’s new video for “Time Is Up,” the third release off the singer’s forthcoming album, Am I A Girl?, out in October.

The Mad Decent signee (Diplo’s label) sings about her creation process as a computer, then offers humanity a harrowing warning of impending doom. 


Listen To Poppy’s Other New Song, “Metal”



“In the factory, in the sterile place where they made me / I woke up alone,” she sings over a robotized beat and ’80s-tinged beat. It’s got elements of Daft Punk and Gaga laced in. “I don’t need air to breathe when you kill the bees and every river bed is dry as a bone / Baby, your time is up.”

I’m with Poppy on this one. People are stupid and ruining the only home we’ve got. Hey, at least we’ll go out with some good tunes…




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