Britney’s Vegas residency announcement still looms, but my top secret Vegas sources tell me it’s definitely a go. So, this gives us plenty of time to speculate what songs homegirl’s singing at her opening show (surely she’ll change it up throughout her residency like she did with Femme Fatal… oh, nm).

The gig will probably showcase her greatest hits throughout her career, mixed in with new singles from her upcoming album. This leads us to a little problem though; she’s had dozens of hits before Album 8 even debuts. What will she choose?!

Post your setlist in the comments! Here’s mine:

1. Baby One More Time/Oops! I Did It Again remix
2. “Slave 4 U”
3. New Song
4. Womanizer
5. Toxic
6. My Prerogative/Stronger remix
Inside Out / Unusual You interlude
7. I Wanna Go
8. Sometimes/Lucky remix
9. New song
10. Gimme More/Get Naked remix
11. Breathe On Me
12. Criminal
Old interviews/look back
13. Till The World Ends
14. Crazy
15. 3/If U Seek Amy remix
16. Me Against The Music/S&M remix
17. Everytime
18. Circus
19. Scream and Shout
20. New Song
21. Encore new song

Your turn!

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