What You Need To Know About Gwen Stefani's New Music

Gwen Stefani doesn’t lie!

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Gwen Stefani’s new music. She released her song in collaboration with Pharrell and Benny Blanco called “Baby Don’t Lie.” It received rave reviews for sounding true to her roots but current – forward even.

The music video debuted today – some think it looks like a poor man’s “Rude Boy” from Rihanna, but I personally love the low quality pixely (not a word) feel to it. The colors, the shapes, the walking, it’s perfect for those who dabble in drugs. Or don’t.

She also shared a preview of another song she worked with Pharrell on called “Spark The Fire.”

BreatheHeavy rounded up the best tidbits from several of her interviews about her musical stuff this week. I know you’re already bored.

The juice:

  • Things are moving really fast
  • Charli XCX, Benny Blanco, Pharrell & Ryan Tedder worked/featured on the new album
  • She’s still writing music. “It’s not over til it’s over.”
  • Album’s out in December
  • Later says the “album will be ready when it’s ready.”
  • Would like to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar
  • Working on new music with No Doubt
  • Calls Pharrell “magical” and says he’s Oprah & Yoda’s love child.
  • Worked on “Spark The Fire” in New York, Miami and L.A.
  • Did a song called “Heart Shaped”
  • Reworked a song called “Carousel”
  • Brushes her teeth every day
  • Selfies are everything
  • What do YOU think of the current Gwen Stefani music?