With her little sis about to pop, Britney Spears has her sights set on home this weekend.

Sources on the scene tell E! News the “Toxic” singer—with dad Jamie vigilantly in tow—is back in Louisiana today for Jamie Lynn’s baby shower, which is taking place Saturday at Lynne Spear’s home in Kentwood.

Britney is said to be bunking at mom’s house, where security personnel have set up shop and police are blocking entrance to their street.

This is Brit’s first trip back to her hometown since last fall, when she became embroiled in her current—and, can you believe it, increasingly less bizarre—custody battle.

Which, as it’s so wont to do, will require Britney’s presence back in Los Angeles on Tuesday, when she’s expected to attend the latest custody hearing in this ongoing process, this one to address the results of a court-ordered 730 psych evaluation.

E! News caught up with Kevin Federline legal eagle Mark Vincent Kaplan last night and he filled us in on what to expect in Britney’s near custodial future.

First off, while he presumed Federline would attend, Kaplan said he didn’t know for certain whether K-Fed’s ex-missus would put in an appearance at Tuesday’s hearing, what would be her first since she circled the courthouse in February without actually going in.

“She’s not required to be there—neither party is required to be there,” Kaplan explained. “I think that when you’re asking the court to consider your custodial position it has to look like it’s important enough for you to be there. And I think she gets that, I think Jamie Spears gets that, and I would anticipate that they would act consistently with that. Especially if this is something that is a new era if you will.”

In the meantime, the attorney continues to praise Jamie Spears’ involvement in his daughter’s and grandkids’ life, noting everything that’s been “not happening” since Britney’s monitored-visitation privileges were restored in late February.

“Consistency over time is what’s important, and structure, stability,” he said. “It appears now that at least for the past couple of months that we have that.”

“Boredom from a custodial standpoint is a good thing. Not be sensational, not being in the public eye, that’s a good thing. And, certainly since the conservatorship in February, that looks like that’s the status quo there.”

“The fact that the paparazzi onslaught in no way threatens the safety of Britney and the kids, I think that’s a really positive thing,” Kaplan continued. “That imposes a danger to the children when she is not driving and the daily 24-hour vigil of the media seems to have been something that is of a bygone era.”

For his part, Federline is feeling much more comfortable about the idea of sharing parenting duties on a more consistent basis with Britney, Kaplan said; but, he added, he still doesn’t see a 50/50 split or overnight visits in the immediate future.

Federline’s going to try to make sure that Sean Preston and Jayden James get to spend Mother’s Day with the lady of the hour, Kaplan said. But, other than that, the longevity of their current arrangement remains up in the air.

“Is two months or three months a sufficient amount of time? Probably not, [but] it’s certainly a good start. I think that before there would be a radical change in the structure now, there should be a gradual ramping up to increase time and if that goes well…and it’s not a question of whether it goes well for Kevin or if it goes well for mom, but it’s a question of whether it goes well for the minor children.”

Source: Eonline.com

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