As of yet, JIVE RECORDS have not confirmed any single release, or video filming, however, when MTV confirms something its usually true, and personally i beleive that Do Somethin will be a single with video as MTV and People online comfirmed it, also TRL UK have confirmed a video premier on Friday…

As of Mona Lisa or Breathe On Me becoming singles, all we have to go by is word of mouth, well word of internet, so i dont beleive anything as of yet, although super video treatments have begon circulating the net, nothing has been confirmed, and the TRL confirmation of Mona Lisa seems fake, as yesterday was Sunday, and TRL isnt on a Sunday, and if it was confirmed Friday, its impossible as the world didnt no what the heck Mona Lisa was…. All i can assume is a typo and that it was confirmed on Uk TRL, but i highly doubt this, all i can say is stick around for some official confirmation, we are just bringing you all the news….

And stick around on Friday as Breathe Heavy aims to be one of the first sites to have the “Do Somethin” video avialable for downloading….

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