What Female's Joining Katy Perry On Stage At The Super Bowl?

Let’s speculate, because everything you read on the Internet is true!

Katy Perry’s taking over the halftime show at the Super Bowl next month, and has a couple surprises in store for the Kitty Kats besides Lenny Kravitz’s guest appearance.

She knows there’s a lot of speculation regarding her performance, but don’t believe everything you read on the Internet (Extra asked about the song “She’s So Creepy” and she said: “How often are the rumors on the Internet true? That’s a question you all should ask yourself at home.”)

“I think we have a month to go or so before the Super Bowl and a little conversation, a little speculation, never hurt anyone for this type of event… I am going to be bringing a lot of surprises.”

As for repping some ***** power? The answer is obviously yes.

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“I’ve made a couple of phone calls,” Katy says. “I am looking to have some incredible female empowerment.”

Let’s guess, shall we? It could be Madonna – the two recently went all S&M for V mag, plus Madge is a Super Bowl seasoned veteran. Maybe it’s Miley Cyrus, cause who better to exhibit girl power than the latest #FreeTheNipple spokeswoman? Exactly. Or, perhaps Katy wants to really turn heads and somehow convinced (and by convinced I mean used black magic and a voodoo doll) Taylor Swift, the best selling artist of 2014, to unite for a once in a lifetime performance.

Or maaaybe that’s why Britney Spears rocked her “Work *****” ensemble at a rehearsal yesterday?

“This performance is going to be larger than life, and the way I appear and disappear will be larger than life. We are doing things that have never been done in the 49 different halftime performances.”

Who do YOU think Katy’s female superstar guest is?!