What Fans Have To Look Forward To In 2013

July 1, 2013 By Jordan Miller

It’s tough being a Britney fan because we just want moarrr, but all we have right now are endless polls that she slays, rumors and Tweets from producers. However, let’s remind ourselves how lucky we are to be in The Army and get essited for what we know is coming up.

Inevitable Starbucks run
It’s only a matter of time before our girl steps into the daylight in front of a gaggle of paps for a glorious Starbucks frappuccino. Lol. Gaggle of paps.

Date night
And after her caffeine fix, she’ll drive David Lucado to the nearest Woodranch for some barbecue and fries. With a side of ranch and a sprinkle of Virginia Tech. They’re obvs getting married.

VMA Rumors
It’s almost that time of year where the ‘ZOMG is Brinny performing at the VMAs?’ rumor pops up. She’s not, but it’s fun adding (spark! and it’s like) gasoline to the fire.

But she might win one

She’s recording Album 8
Everyone’s talking about Britney’s new album. Well, everyone except Britney. We know it’s going to be hip hop, urban, fun and cool, but if you reveal too much about it the Queen will silence you.

Las Vegas Residency announcement
It’s only a matter of time before Britney officially announces her move to Sin City to perform for two years at Planet Hollywood. Sources tell BreatheHeavy.com they want to announce it and simultaneously put tickets on sale. Clever marketing high-five!

Set list rumors
Once Vegas news is out, fans will furiously speculate what songs she’s going to perform. Are they going to re-create her iconic music videos? Will she throw in new Album 8 songs here and there? Will “Criminal” ever debut on stage?

Maybe even a world tour
In between her Vegas shows every other weekend, an insider tells BreatheHeavy.com Britney wants to tour as well.

“Ooh La La” music video debut.
An insider tells BreatheHeavy.com its tentative release date is July 11.

New BreatheHeavy Layout
I know I said it was coming in the spring, but I had to fire the developers recently so there’s a bit of a delay. I’m pretty sure I accidentally hired ChristinaAguilera.com’s web developers. Flops.

And soon enough, your lives will be fulfilled with my precious posts on more than just The Queen. Though no one will ever take Britney’s place on BH, it’ll be fun to liven up Exhell even moar. ****’s gonna get real.

BreatheHeavy App
Oh, and BreatheHeavy’s launching an app for iPhone and Android soon! Yep, free. Push notifications regarding the Queen straight to your mobile device? You’re welcome.

Get ready!
2013 is heating up and Britney is coming to steal your soul. #Illuminati