What Britney Knows About Making Serious Money

January 16, 2006 By Jordan Miller

Yahoo.com: Love her, hate her people in America need to take note of the antics that Britney Spears as created. The “Queen of Pop Culture” has created an empire of fans that consume and devour every word, action, and product she endorses.

One of America’s premier internet online entrepreneurs Christine Groth (http://www.makingseriousmoney.com and http://www.7ktoday.biz) says Britney Spears has a lot to tell people about selling and marketing themselves. Whether you like her or not, she is a millionaire and has achieved a huge status in the marketplace.

Christine Groth, consistently persuades people to seek non-traditional making money opportunities. She reveals 3 tactics that Britney Spears uses to make serious money.

01. Britney Spears has explicitly upheld an image of herself, whether it’s good or bad. She maintains getting her name out to the media with public acts of ******* behavior, and annulled mistake marriages. Spears keeps the attention of the world with her restless behavior. Individuals should take a polar position as well; trying to be all things to all people will get you no where. Britney Spears understands taking risks will get you rewards.

02. Spears also understands the concept of being flexible, quick, and in a ever-changing mode. Most celebrities understand that if they are going to survive in the competitive world of entertainment they must evolve and re-invent themselves. The public gets very bored with static people and behavior. Madonna is the queen of re-invention. Many people today stop evolving and become static missing out in opportunities. Some amazing statistics show that 75% of the jobs for our children today have not been created yet.

03. Like Britney Spears individuals have the ability to be flexible. We all have the power to make changes and succeed. Your mindset can be the sole piece that catapults you into success.