In the recent weeks there have been rumors saying that Britney and Kevin are heading for the split. The pop diva has been reportedly bothered by the fact that her husband isn’t helping her with their newborn. He would rather party in night clubs than spend time at home. But Kevin also has reasons to be upset with his wife, as she reportedly laughed at him when the former dancer showed her his music.

It has also been said that, after a fight, Britney had kicked her hubby out of the house, and that he was living at a friend’s apartment. But, after that, there was complete silence. Silence filled by Spears’ representative, Leslie Sloane, with all sort of irrelevant information. After saying that Britney’s marriage was ‘OK’, the publicist denied not the fight, but Spears’ depression and tummy tuck.

“She is not depressed, nor has she had a tummy tuck. She is a 23-year-old mom who was in amazing shape before she got pregnant and was able to get back in shape after the baby arrived.”So the eager media is still keeping an eye on the couple.


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