The BeyHive is on the attack after Wendy Williams said Beyonce can’t sing without auto-tune.

The BeyHive is on the attack after Wendy Williams said Beyonce can’t sing without auto-tune.

Wendy just never learns, does she. The talk show host recently cancelled a string of shows to focus on her health, but she’s back and making a splash. Not the good kind.

In her latest episode, Williams threw shade at Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Fergie saying they can’t sing without auto-tune.

Wendy isn’t a complete hater, however. She listed out a few of her favs – Adele, Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.

The Hive responded by posting stunning footage of Beyonce rehearsing “1+1” sans any production and auto-tune, and it’s quite clear Queen Bey’s voice is exceptional.



Wendy, as usual, you’re wrong.

See what’s up below:


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  1. I wish people actually knew what they were talking about. It’s clear she’s never stepped in a recording studio before. “Auto tune” is called pitch correction. Literally every artists’ voice gets thrown through a pitch correction software to fine tune it so they have a perfect final product. People expect perfect tracks, not a live sound. Most of these artists she mentioned sing live and as far as I can tell none of them use a live pitch correction on their mic. Live pitch correction would result in the T-Pain effect, which is usually used intentionally and is very obvious when it’s being used. I’m not a fan of Beyonce myself but that woman CLEARLY has vocal talent. Beyonce has nothing to prove to her, it takes googling live performances to prove Wendy wrong. Honestly you can do the same with most of the others too. Wendy clearly doesn’t know anything about vocal talent.

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