Williams says Britney sells “teen mom.”


If Wendy Williams had time… she’d check out Britney Spears’ Piece Of Me.

Otherwise, she’s watching JLo’s All I Have and maybe Mariah Carey’s #1 To Infinity
show then flying home to NYC. She could’ve left it at that, but instead the talk show host details a rumored tabloid report claiming Britney is shaking in her Ugg boots now that JLo’s performing inside the Axis Theater in between POM legs.

“I think that Britney Spears is a different kind of performer then Jen,” she says. “Jen sells *** and smokey eye and middle-aged womanness (in a good way). Whereas Britney to me sells teen mom who’s done well for herself. Who’s now 34-years-old… Britney’s been through a lot. So Britney’s more like the comeback kid whereas Jen is… Jenny, honey.”

She then goes on about asking the few straight men on her production team who they’d rather… and, according to Williams, not one mentioned Brit Brit.

Britney never cared about competition even back in her heyday… what makes Wendy think Britney’s worried now?

Let’s see how wrong Britney proves Wendy come Feb. 13 when her reimagined Piece Of Me show kicks off.

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