Here we go again.

It appears a rekindling between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber is imminent.

Selena has been hanging with her former flame again. A source recently told E! News that The Weeknd is totally cool with it and doesn’t care. “Justin has been in constant contact with Selena and they have a great, friendly relationship,” the source explains. They add that out of respect for The Weeknd Selena is “trying to not overdo it with seeing him, as she doesn’t want to upset Abel.” Also, “They don’t act flirty when they hang out; they just act as old-time friends who care for each other.”

Uhhh. TMZ published a photo of the two grabbing breakfast together alone today (Oct. 29). What’s really interesting is the pop stars for sure knew a picture would surface of their outing, yet they didn’t care to hide it. Knowing a brief piece of their history, this doesn’t appear to be a “just friends” thing. That seems impossible. How did this come about? “Justin heard Selena was going to undergo a major surgery through mutual friends and completely freaked out,” the E! source continued.

And for the record, this is the third publicly documented instance of them hanging out recently. In other words, three times that we know of. Best of luck, Abel.

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