Welcome to the BreatheHeavy Community!

Need to get familiar with how to navigate the BreatheHeavy Community? Below are a list of tips! Otherwise, please login using your specified username and password.


Your Timeline

Your Timeline is the first page you’re taken to after logging in. It consists of content you choose to see.

This includes:

If you do not want to see content about a certain artist, do not join that Group or Follow any member that posts about them.

Join a Group

In order to participate, post an item from the Activity Feed to a Group or post in a Group’s Feed, you must Join the Group

A list of Groups is located here.


What is the Community Activity Feed?

The Community Activity Feed displays ALL forums discussions, forum replies, feed posts, news posts and news comments.

If you want to see your curated content, visit your Timeline.

How do I post on the Community Activity Feed?

Visit the Community Activity Feed here.

At the top of the page, there’s a box with the words: “Post a pop music update or use @ to tag someone!”

You can post an update to your Profile, or into a Group.

Posting to your Profile:

When posting to your profile from the Community Activity Feed, your post will appear in the Community Activity Feed for everyone to see, as well as on your Timeline located in your Profile. This means members who Follow you will also see your post on their timeline. Members who do not Follow you will not see your post.

Posting to a Group:

When posting to a Group, your post will appear in the Group you specified. For example, if you select the ‘Beyonce’ Group, your post will appear on the Beyonce Group’s Feed.

*You must Join the Group before posting to it.*

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ here.