Welcome To The Jungle: Danja Teases New Britney Music!

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Danja confirms his presence on Britney’s tenth studio album.

The Britney Army twisted Danja’s arm to reveal something about B10, and he came through.

After it was discovered he had multiple tracks with Britney in the works, fans started revisiting some of their past works together. We published a deep dive of Danja and Britney’s music magic, and a day later Danja revealed what we hoped for: he is, at least for now, playing a role on Brit’s forthcoming record.

See what Exhale is saying about this.

The producer Tweeted the words “Welcome to the jungle” and the hashtag #B10. It’s not clear if that’s the name of a song, a lyric or a subtle reference to the iconic Guns N Roses song.

The details don’t matter right now. What you should take away from this post is that Danja, unless Team B cuts him from the project (which they are notorious for), will appear on Brit’s new album!