Check out this excerpt from a new article about the “I Wanna go” music video!

Jordan Miller, who runs the Britney fansite Breatheheavy, noted that the video, which “shows diversity, personality and a lighter side fans don’t see too often,” should help clear up some rumors about the pop star.

“It was absolutely a smart move. Britney’s had rumors going around that she’s a robot programmed by the people around her, but she takes the robot theme and turns it around on them,” he says. “It’s great to see Britney actually fight the paparazzi in a video instead of running from them for a change. The video feels like it’s ‘SNL’ meets ‘Toxic’ meets ‘Do Somethin’’ meets Femme Fatale. Britney has so many videos where she plays the *** kitten, so to see her kick *** and take names is really refreshing.”

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