Weekly Tabs

July 30, 2008 By Jordan Miller

I crossed my fingers and wished on the first shooting star I saw last night that the tabs would be nice to Britney this week. OK you can’t see one damn star here in Vegas; screw you Luxor! Check out this week’s issue of Us Weekly. “Brit’s new hot body.” Now that’s front page news if ya ask me!


To my surprise, Life & Style jumped on the “I’m going to be nice for Britney this week because if we’re not we’ll look even trashier then we did last week” bandwagon. Works for me.


Even Star calls Britney a “winner” on their cover. And they didn’t even show Seanny grabbing the cigarettes! Upgrade! Although I do think they’re just building her up so they can tear her down next week. Hey we’ll take what we can get.

No covers for People, or In Touch.