BRITNEY SPEARS’ dad JAMIE got the biggest shock of his life on Saturday (18SEP04) when his daughter turned an engagement party into a wedding ceremony.

Jamie turned up at the private home in Studio City, Los Angeles, for what he thought was nothing more than an engagement party – and then didn’t read the surprise invitation he received upon his arrival properly.

He was baffled when people started congratulating his soon-to-be son-in-law KEVIN FEDERLINE as he prepared to party.

Britney’s brother BRYAN recalls, “My dad said, ‘Why is everyone congratulating Kevin?’ I said, ‘Daddy, did you read the invitation?’

“He said yup. I said, ‘You might want to read it again.'”

Jamie’s wife LYNN adds, “He went into shock: ‘Oh my God, I don’t have my tuxedo.'”

But clever Britney had all 27 wedding guests’ fitted outfits for her planned 16 October (04) nuptials delivered to the home of her wedding planner and everyone quickly changed for the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Federline attempted to get his father-in-law’s blessing.

He says, “I was worried, because you want your wife’s father to be OK with you. But when I saw him, it was great.” thanks affiliate

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