A new website is demanding that Britney Spears divorce her freeloading husband, Kevin Federline. The website,, gives the following message upon arrival: “Welcome to the home of the Anti-Kevin movement. Are you sick of seeing the train wreck that is Britney and Kevin? Sign the K-Fed Up Petition, grab your Divorce Kevin gear and help Britney remove the boil that is Kevin from herself and her payroll!” The site features a blog that tracks events in Britney’s relationship with Kevin, such as the now infamous repossession of Kevin’s Ferrari. Visitors to Divorce Kevin can also learn more about Federline’s background and take a look at some of his famous fashion statements (e.g., flip flops with socks). Unsurprisingly, the site comes from the makers of But since Lindsay’s put on a few pounds since that site’s launch, there could be hope for the Divorce Kevin movement.


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