The latest X Factor alum may have more potential than your average reality TV graduate.


Fleur East has dropped the video for her debut single “Sax” and you really ought to sit up and pay attention.

The X Factor UK may be beginning to show signs of slowing down, frequently losing ratings battles and suffering from some particularly bad PR, but 2014 runner-up Fleur East proves that the show can still churn out a potential star when it tries.

The 28 year old Londoner rose to popularity following a cover of Jessie J and co.’s “Bang Bang” and went on to finish second to the far less interesting Ben Haenow. Whilst Ben fails to make much of a chart impact with his Kelly Clarkson assisted debut single, Fleur is gaining momentum thanks to the endlessly infectious “Sax”.

The video boasts plenty of neon, some competent dancing and a budget of what we can only assume is about £25, but it’s the song you should be paying attention to. Between the brass instrumentation, quirky lyrics and one of the catchiest hooks this year, it has all the makings of a huge hit.

Undoubtedly drawing influence from Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” – which East catapulted to popularity in the UK last year, her performance causing the record label to bring forward the song’s release date – “Sax” is still more than the sum of its influences.

Will “Sax” go on to be the global hit it realistically should be? We’ll see. In today’s ludicrously stacked industry, perhaps not. But is it objectively one of the best songs of the year so far? You decide, but we’ll still be blasting it come Thanksgiving 2016.

What do you think of “Sax”?