Watch Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Music Video

What’s the best way to start the week? A new Taylor Swift music video!

Taylor’s new music video for “Blank Space,” shot Joseph Kahn, leaked ahead of schedule on Monday. Taylor gives her best impression of what the media and people think she probably acts like towards the demise of her many intimate relationships.

In it, T Swift shows off her acting chops and an array of beautiful gowns during scenes with her love interest. The two are happy in love, but as the Great Gatsby-themed clip continues, she unleashes the crazy and reveals why she’s had a long list of ex-lovers who’ll tell you she’s insane.

“You’ll have people who completely get the joke and they’re saying, ‘Oh, look, she’s completely taken back the narrative, and she’s singing from the perspective of the person the media paints her to be,'” She told Yahoo. “And then other people will be listening to it on the radio and thinking, ‘I knew it! I knew she was crazy!’… It’s probably the wildest video I’ve done.”

But she’s got a blank space, baby, and she’ll write your name.

Here’s the jist:

It begins with Taylor and her cat in bed, obviously.


She dances with her man.


Hangs up a portrait and idolizes him.


Then she sees her man texting another *****.


And you just don’t do that to Taylor Swift.


She’s like ‘F this.’


**** goes down.


Really, she goes nuts.


They’ll tell you she’s insane.


She has a voodoo apple or something.


I have no idea why she’s standing on a horse.


Goes Nicki Minaj on his car.


And then…


Watch it here: