Sia enlists Heidi Klum and Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal for the “Fire Meet Gasoline” video.

Sia’s new music video for “Fire Meet Gasoline” is a burning love story featuring Heidi Klum and Pedro Pascal.

Per usual, Sia makes no direct appearance in her music video, using supermodel Heidi Klum instead to play the love interest alongside “Game of Thrones” star Pedro Pascal. The clip shows Klum and Pascal falling in love, passionately embracing each other until their love goes up in flames.

“I guess it is always strange when you meet someone for the first time and within 5 minutes, you are tongue-kissing that person. Very odd,” Heidi told MTV News when asked about her role in the piece.

It took Klum a minute to warm up to the scenes in the video.

“I’m not a professional,” she admitted, tho her co-star had no reservations to film it. “He was like, action and boom, he was right there,” Heidi laughed. “It took me a few takes to get more comfortable.”

Sia’s famous blonde wig makes an appearance at the tail-end of the video when the house is burning down.

“The wig is iconic and that was something Sia really wanted me to wear. I love wearing wigs and wearing her wig, her iconic wig,” she explained.

The two didn’t meet during the filming of the “1000 Forms of Fear” video, but when they eventually did it was all love.

“I met her at the Oscars for the very first time and she was so sweet. She, like, came running over to me and she lifted me basically off the ground. I was in shock, like, how sweet she is, how warm she is and how crazy she is,” she said. “She’s like smiley and so bubbly and chatty. I mean, I had the best experience meeting her.”

Heidi continued: “She loved the video, she loved the lingerie and she thought it was great. And I was so happy and thankful that she let me do that with her.”

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